Why Do We Need to Meditate?

It makes no sense to meditate. We just sit there and observe. What?

It does seem insane. I often think about why is it necessary for humans to meditate. It seems like something in evolution got screwed up.

There is very little written about this. Here’s my theory. Humans didn’t need to meditate when they spent all their time with nature as hunters and gatherers. Nature brings natural focus and calm. Nature takes away stress. And nature makes us step our of our mind and into the now. It just does.

When nature and humans were intertwined, meditation wasn’t as necessary. Life was more one long fluid meditation.

But then we started farming and settling. We started to tame and worry about nature. We started to worry about the crop, our animals. We became separate from nature.

Many of the major religions came about 1,000-4,000 years ago. This could be partly due to people feeling depressed after a few thousand years after the agriculture age started. Who knows.

Now we are very far removed from nature. Some days I barely step outside. That’s sad. We spend time in front of screens not trees. We try to understand events and patterns across the world. That just sounds stressful.

We need meditation to step back into nature. This can be done in your office, or bedroom or car, anywhere. It sometimes feels like a waste of time. But after it’s done I feel closer to the world and love.

That’s something.

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