I wished I smiled more. When I’m centered, I have always have a slight smile. Life feels lighter with a smile. This seems like the way to live. Easier said than done though.

It’s funny. We’ll do anything to make babies smile. Once they do smile, it’s like the whole world is in that smile. Nothing else matters. Every hour we should try to make a baby smile. Maybe we need to start having office babies.

Or we should try to make each other smile more. Why is it OK to look ridiculous making a baby smile but not an adult? Babies don’t judge. Adults do. I do. I try not to though.

Every business meeting should start with a few breaths and making everyone smile. We also need smile breaks throughout the day.
More smiles equal more productivity, more creativity, more happiness. This is documented in many studies. It’s not. But I bet it’s true.

Smiling also makes you look 10 years more awesome. That should be enough for my vanity.

Here’s to smiling and babies.

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