Startup Post: Slydes

This is the first in the series of startup posts. These are startups that we’re actively working on in different stages. Sometimes the stage will just be an idea phase. Other times it’ll be a post about a product that’s been launched.

This post is on Slydes ( We created Slydes because through a typical sales cycle we’re hoping Slydes can reduce the number of calls by 1-2.

We’re partners with Jason Weaver on it. Jason has a lot of experience with digital marketing companies including the founder of Shoutlet. We are providing these services: software development; content creation; product vision (although Jason is the ultimate product visionary for Slydes). Once launched we hope we can also help with lead generation.

Slydes is looking to change how presentations are delivered and consumed. The initial target user will be sales people. Slydes should make them more productive by handling more sales presentations. This is because Slydes is designed so that a generic presentation can easily become a custom, heart felt presentation.

Slydes is similar to Clearslide but with some important nuances. Slydes let’s you add audio on just one slide. It also allows for you to insert a video slide of yourself. Bam. There is Dave in your face. We also provide analytics on who’s viewed the presentation and when. We have a host of other features coming out but I’ll hold onto those now.

Slydes will not change the world. We have some projects like that. But it could change how presentations are shared and consumed. That would be fun.

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