Do we get more tired as we age?

As we get older, everyone complains they’re more tired. They blame it on old age. I’m not sure.

I think it has more to do with the accumulated junk we have in our mind. The constant posturing in our minds dealing with regrets (should’ve tried harder in soccer) to fears (what if I’m not a success) to anxieties (I’m nervous about tomorrow’s meeting).

Our mind does a great job burying these uncomfortable feelings. Before we know it we’re bury feelings all the time. That takes energy. It’s exhausting.

The older we get the more we have buried. Decades of things buried. Managing all that burial is hard exhausting work.

That’s why people are tired. Their bodies may ache. That’s not good. But when my spirit aches from dealing with junk I’ve pushed down, that’s exhausting. How many times can you relive high school? The answer. Everyday for your entire life. Lots of people do. I do sometimes. It’s embarrassing and takes away from life.

You know what to do. Let these uncomfortable feelings (regret, fear, anxieties) go. Relax with them. Yes. Relax with that boy or girl you wish you would’ve dated in high school. It’s OK. Let it go.

Relax with that meeting coming up tomorrow. A little anxiety is OK. Relax and breathe love into that meeting, the people there. It’s the people we’re always worried about. What will they think? Will I get the deal? It’s people. Give love to these people now and at the meeting.

It might end up being a disaster. I just accidentally missed an important sales call. Terrible. Or sometimes in a meeting I’ll babble on making no sense. But I just try keep breathing love to myself and the people. I often forget to do this though.

Life’s too short to not let go of stuff. I don’t want to be 80 thinking about my life in retrospect. What could’ve I changed, blah blah. I want to be 80 and just content, eyes alert, giving love.

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