Does Meditation Help?

Why does meditation help me be more productive?

I like talking about my experience. I’ll do that often on this blog. I can only guess about others people’s experiences. My experiences might not apply to you but maybe they do.

I’m about 5x more productive until 11am than the rest of the day. I can crank out emails, proposals and briefings until 11am. After that my productivity starts to drop rapidly.

Our brains are not machines. Productivity experts recommend taking a 30 minute break for every 90 minutes of works. It works. But man is it painful taking that break. It’s hard to force yourself to take a break.

So after 11am it’s a good time for me to meditate. It relaxes my mind. You know that. You can feel the energy just moving all the gunk that’s stuck up there. That’s the technical terminology, “gunk”.

But for me meditation brings a lot more for productivity. Let’s say it’s 1pm and my brain is beat. What took me 5 minutes to do will now take me 20 minutes. One reason it takes me longer is I’m tired.

The other main reason is that I’m working with my fear based mind. What will this person think of this. I’m worried they’ll think less of me. And on and on…

Meditation centers me and now I can work with love and not fear. So before I’m worried about every little thing, after meditation I can work with love. There is always the risk you might upset or offend someone. That’s hard to take. But if you’re sending and working with love, you’ll feel confident you’re trying your best to produce strong work and help others.

It’s still tough when you offend or upset people. Super tough. That’s another post or 10.

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