What to Focus on?

Each day it’s hard to know what to focus on. It’s stressful. I want to optimize my time, be super efficient. What should I work on this minute? I have no one to tell me what to do, which is a blessing and curse.

Should I focus on sales for Augment? Should I focus on building a presentation for a new startup? Should I focus on testing out the Slydes platform? Should I train on a new subject like Angular or new drug discovery? Should I spend time following up with our existing clients or check-in on our current projects? Should I review our finances?

It’s endless. I love the freedom to make my own choices. But I often get stressed trying to focus on the highest priority.

I like to be strategic about using my time instead of just battling fires.

I enjoy hearing how others spend their day. I picture everyone else having perfectly planned days. In reality most people waste a lot of time. Or they spend time on the wrong priority.

I wonder if people’s success can be attributed somewhat to what they prioritize in their days. They make wiser decisions on how to spend their time.

A podcast on how people allocate their time each day would be interesting. 5 minute podcast. How a Fortune 500 CEO spends their days is very different than a CEO of a small startup. But I think they could still learn from each other.

For reducing my stress around time allocation, I’m not sure what I need to do. Of course I can breathe and center myself. That helps make wiser decisions. I can also decide based on what I like to do. It’s easer to succeed doing things you love. Sounds obvious. It is.

Everyday is different for me. I try to check-in with any issues in our India office first thing in the morning. Sajan, my CTO/partner, does a nice job taking care of a lot of issues over there. Then I try to read emails and articles. I also like to meditate first thing, if time/kids allow for it. Then I send emails and follow-ups to people around projects and sales. I try to schedule all of my meetings/calls in the afternoon. By then my brain is mushier and not as effective writing emails or posts like this. I’m writing this at 858am CT.

In between the morning and afternoon each day is different. Above I listed some of the things I work on.

Time to center and figure what to work on now. Deep breath.

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