SuperSonic, Welcome

SuperSonic’s blog is combining two of my favorite things in life, business/innovation and centering (meditation in many ways). I know that’s a weird combo. For me, besides family, those are the two things I spend my days on.

What in the world is SuperSonic? It’s a commercialization studio. That means we take ideas and turn them into revenue generating products. Many of the ideas will be software focused. But with my interest in wide ranging areas like robotics, medicine, healthcare, AI and hardware, we’ll work across many areas with our network or partners. I think it’ll be fun.

And why connect innovation to centering? Practically, staying centered allows me to be much more creative and my output is multiples of when I’m not centered. I also find business and innovation and life become empty without appreciating each moment of the day, staying centered. It’s a constant struggle for me to relax my mind and enjoy each moment. Just relax, Dave. One of these posts I’ll give you my stream of consciousness. Insanity sometimes.

I figured if I combine business with centering I could write about both things, and that will help me and maybe others.

And to be honest, there are so many resources for building a sales team, developing products, recruiting, etc. These are wonderful resources. I’m not sure how much more needs to be said by me. I’ll stick to centeredness around innovation, living and loving.

And what is centering? It can mean many things to people. It can mean spirituality. It can mean meditation. It can mean mindfulness. It can mean relaxing in the now. It can also take a more religious tone. I love many religions (not always the dogma) but will keep this blog away from religion.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy.

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