Stay Centered at Your Desk

That sounds crazy. How would I get anything done staying centered while I work?

It’s easier to stay centered while meditating. You have no distractions. You can just watch your mind and breath and be aware of your awareness. Of course it’s not easy. My crazy mind makes sure of that.

My mind at work with in a 30 second period: “I should’ve said something different to that person, next second “I wonder what Tim from high school is doing now”, next second “I’m nervous for my meeting in one hour.” That’s our mind at work.

With meditation, this noise becomes less. And you just relax with particular uncomfortable feelings.

So what about at your desk? Staying centered is similar except you’re just aware of your awareness.That part of you that is your essence. There are many words for this in different religions. One way I find my center is to feel yourself dying. What’s left? Your essence.

When centered your entire body should be relaxed. If you’re not sure what centering is, don’t despair. It’s super confusing, hard to explain and often I’m not sure I’m doing it right after many many years.

So just relax. Relax your muscles and most important, your mind. Watch your mind.

You can do better work while centered. It’s now your essence doing the work along with your mind when needed. Your essence, true self, is much wiser than your mind. It’s also much less fearful so you can work fast and smart. You won’t worry what everyone is thinking of you when you work with your true self. You also won’t get as tired.

The difficult part is to remember to be centered. It’s almost impossible to remember. I remember by reading spiritual books on a regular basis. And when I feel tension coming up like in a meeting, I remember to breathe, relax and center.

I’m far from perfect. But makes me a little less insane.

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