Life’s Purpose

Do we have a purpose for being on the planet? Who knows. I don’t think so. Unless just giving love to each other is a purpose. That just feels more like existing.

If you’re at a boring unfulfilling job, don’t worry. You don’t need to find your purpose in your work. Or your family. Or your hobbies.

In the end you can just find your purpose in just existing, giving love to others. That could be a smile in a meeting or listening to someone at work or home about an issue. Just give the love.

5,000 years ago people lived in small tribes. What was their purpose? Nothing, really. Just to be a part of the tribe, give love, enjoy life. They weren’t trying to save a million people or make a billion dollars. Those goals are fine but in the end people will remember you for the energy and love you give off. Not how good you’re at for closing a sale or even teaching kids or how big your house was.

There can be two first grade teachers doing the exact same thing. People and the students will remember the love much more than the instruction. Bring the love.

How do you give more love? It’s hard. Most days I’m too tired by the afternoon to feel like giving love. Or someone says something that makes my blood boil. Could be something small like criticizing something I did. Something that shouldn’t bother me at all.

Come back to the love. Give love by being centered, being present, hearing the nuance in someone’s voice. Are they OK? Feeling someone’s pain is much more powerful than having them tell you about it.

Stay centered, give the love.

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