We’re all weak

We’re all weak. I’m super weak. We’re weak when we deal with our uncomfortable feelings and energy.

For example, I’m sensitive when I feel like I’m letting someone down. I can feel the feeling. It’s not nice. I want to get rid of it. Only happy feelings here thank you.

I’m weak. By trying to push away that yucky feeling I’m making it much much worse. I’m giving all the power to the people I’m letting down. I can’t enjoy this moment. And I’m not learning anything. The next time it happens I’ll also feel yucky.

This yucky feeling prevents me from enjoying life, being creative, giving love. That makes no sense.

So what to do? This is easier said than done. Deal with that uncomfortable feeling right now. Don’t push it down. Embrace it.

How? I don’t know. The great religious books dance around the exact details. There are many other resources that point in the direction. But it’s up to you to know.

For me, at least with my current limited understanding, I sense these uncomfortable feelings by staying centered. They’re right in front of you. Right there. Instead of disregarding these feelings, stay with them, lean into them. Then make sure your whole body and mind is relaxed.

Feel the yucky feeling drift away. It might take a while. Now you have owned that feeling. Often it’s fear. So now you’ve owned that fear. Next time it comes up it’ll be slightly easier. Do it a 100 times and you’ll notice a big difference. Own that yucky feeling.

Now you’re the toughest person in the world. This is the tough work. It’s the work that makes life vibrant, free.

Do you want to feel free even for a moment? Then do the tough work. Don’t be weak.

Live in the moment and relax with your uncomfortable feelings and fear. It’s fun, kind of, and scary all at the same time.

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