Never Enough

Check out this song. Never enough.

I often feel like what I’m doing is Never Enough. I don’t come up with enough brilliant ideas. I don’t send enough emails. I don’t make enough money. It’s never enough.

This is a sad way to live. If I always perceive that whatever I do is Never Enough, then I’ll always be struggling against relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Then someday I’ll die. Then I’ll realize how much time I wasted worrying about having Enough. What a waste. So much time is wasted on being tense about not having Enough.

What does it feel like when you feel like you have enough? Peace. I’m relaxed all over. That doesn’t happen much, but it’s happening more.

It feels good. It feels right. And when it happens, I’m always like why in the world don’t I just relax all the time.

I can still strive to be a great business person, father, husband and friend. I’ll just do it with a smile on my face.

I get into this peaceful zone and then every time something disturbs the peace. It could be an email from a partner asking for information I already provided. It could be a client saying they’re going to reduce their work with us, or they don’t have money to pay us. It could be anything.

And then I’m thrown out of this peaceful bubble. That’s ridiculous. Am I so fragile that any little thing causes a the bubble to break. Yes. Our minds make us all fragile. The difference between me and those who are super enlightened, is that they feel the same pain and uncomfortable feelings, but they process and let go of those feelings right away.

Uncomfortable feeling comes in, uncomfortable feeling goes out. I can do this by staying centered, by watching these feelings and just relaxing with them and life.

It’s insanity if I don’t relax almost all the time. Time to relax.

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