Feel like you’re on vacation

Is stress killing me? Sort of. We’re all marching towards death. Stress just gets us there faster.

Some stress is good. If I need to close a dea, a little stress helps me think through the issues that might arise. That’s good.

But 99.5% of stress is bad. Life is wasted on stress. People take drugs, get therapy, try treatments, all to manage their stress. It’s crazy.

Stress can come in so many forms. That’s another post.

All those treatments help temporarily. After the effects have worn off, it’s just you and your mind.

Unnecessary stress sucks. It’s insane to be stressed. What’s the point about being stressed if someone likes you, if you’re going to close a deal, that you might die. I don’t know. It’s insane.

To eliminate stress I center myself throughout the day, at the computer, in the car, playing with my kids.

I make sure I feel super relaxed. Like I’m on a vacation. Just sitting there, without a care.

But I do have cares everyday you say. That’s true. Too many sometimes. I’m always trying to push business ideas ahead, play with me kids, help others.

What will happen to these cares if I’m centered and relaxed? I’ve found I get more done. I have more energy. I can give more love.

But most of the time I mess up and I’m not centered and relaxed. Yes. I’m insane. I choose stress over being relaxed.

Even when I’m watching a show I feel tense. Definitely when I’m in a business meeting, I feel tense. That’s not my natural state.

Feeling like you’re walking through the woods, or sitting on the beach, or hugging your family, that’s our natural state.

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